About me

I am a PhD candidate in the Math and Data group at the Center for Data Science, New York University, under the supervision of Prof. Julia Kempe. Alongside Prof. Kempe, I am fortunate to have the support of my committee advisors, Prof. Qi Lei and Prof. Andrew Gordon Wilson.

My current research interests focus on several key areas: 1) the impact of AI-synthesized data on contemporary learning paradigms, 2) systematic methods for data selection, and 3) hallucinations and reasonings within large language models (LLMs). By drawing upon my theoretical knowledge and practical experience, I aim to contribute insightful understandings and develop robust methodologies in these areas.

I did my undergraduate in Applied Mathematics (Honor Track) at the School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University. Back then, I was advised by Prof. Bin Dong on adversarial robustness. In Summer 2020, I worked virtually with Prof. Yue M. Lu at Harvard on high dimensional statistics and machine learning. I also worked closely with Dr. Di He from Microsoft Research Asia on representation. In 2022 Summer, I interned at Uber as an Applied Scientist Intern on causal machine learning.

Check out more information from my CV.

More about myself: I am an outdoor lover. I climbed the Luodui Mount (6010m Snowberg) at Tibet, China in August, 2021. I have also served as the teaching assistant of Outdoor Exploration at Peking University. Outdoor experiences really help shape my personality and life methodology.